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3 Good Reason Why You Need To Be On Social Media

Its expensive not to

If we compare Social Media with traditional advertising, there is huge benefits you don’t get with traditional marketing. in-depth data, you select the customers you want. Everything is measured when your market your brand online, in contrast to traditional marketing its hard to measure how much you get in return. Advertising agencies might say they have 20.000 viewers, but can’t give you an exact no. on who actually is looking at your ad.  This mean you’re betting on unrealistic numbers, all your marketing spend can and should be data driven so you don’t gamble on customers that will never buy from you or look at your ad.

Because It is ridiculous not to

What is the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning? I bet you check your email or social media, if not, then while you brush your teeth, sitting in the metro or when you’re stuck in the traffic. 61% of all people reach for their phone within the first 5 min of waking up. 80% within the first 15 min.  So it is stupid if your brand is not there where you’re customers are.

Its so damn cheap

Marketing on social media can be as cheap as going to nearest mamak and buying a pre-made Narsi Lemak. If you use the data that is already available on Facebook, google, instagram, Pinterest tumblr. etc. and with the right technique you can actually market yourself with Zero marketing cost. This is valuable for the small entrepreneur, but its equal as useful for a large company that want to market themselves on a micro-budget with maximum return. Social Media will give you an opportunity to be very close to your customer and choose who you want as costumers.